Welcome to the Dig community. I am Deb your podcast host and spiritual navigator. I was living my dream as minister of an evangelical ministry when the curtain dropped and everything I thought I knew about God, life, and spirituality was tossed out the window. I would later become aware that in getting to my dream I lost my soul, the essence of and what made me, me. I did the dirty work of deconstructing my religion and rewiring my brain to re-connect me to my soul. I had no idea how many beliefs from my religion were engraved on my soul and as I did the busy work of reprogramming and healing I was filled with eagerness to help others do so too. 

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My Story

Deb is a California native who has always had a soft heart towards helping people reach their potential. As a highly-sensitive, neuro-divergent, empath she faced many challenges with taking on perspectives and beliefs that weren't her own. 

She grew up in Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian based institution. Another way of saying that is she grew up in an extremely conservative religious environment that had a say over every area of her life. This religious institution wasn't just beliefs but it held her community, her whole world, and to her loving them meant staying in the community at all costs. 


It wasn't until she fulfilled her dream as a minister that the veil of truth dropped and she realized the life she was living was no life at all. What she thought was a relationship with God, in actuality was a dictatorship created by an institution. What she thought was spirituality was actually limiting beliefs trapping her spirit from experience the world around her. What she thought was a church that loved her dismissed and gaslit her experiences until she decided she had enough. Thus, starting the true deconstruction, what was the institutions belief verse her belief.

Deb spent countless hours "cleaning up and organizing her brain." She studied countless topics including: human behavior, belief adoption, power abuse, manifestation, and the bodies relationship with trauma. She then decided it was time to try it all out on herself. Deb sought help through psychics, spiritual advisors, therapist, youtube videos, books, you name it she was there trying it out.  The problem was nothing helped her with the focus of religion that she so deeply craved. Thus her journey with starting the dig and her own coaching practice. 

So she created a space for people to deconstruct their limiting beliefs and equip them to tackle the life their soul really desires. She wants to use her experience of mentoring to help everyone understand their beliefs and heal them so they can live empowered, authentic lives. 


Any questions, feedback ,or comments please feel free to reach-out! 

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