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5 things you should stop saying. Now.

1. "I hate the PC police."

Okay, I feel you. The real injustice on these streets is people calling for respectful language. Fight the power! Long live hate speech!!/Except no. Shut up.

2. "What a bunch of social justice warriors."

Right? I mean, social justice? How obnoxious!/Just kidding shut up.

3. "I don't see color"

That's really weird. You should have that checked out. I mean, Stevie Wonder knows he's black and he's literally blind. Shhhhh.

4. "I have black friends"

I thought you didn't see color though.

5. "I'm the least racist person you'll ever meet."

First of all you sound like Donald Trump. Is that what you want? And also, that just seems really unlikely. I mean, this isn't a contest, being a decent human being. Not being racist doesn't earn you a prize. But if it did, I'd put my money on that Malala Yousafzai. She's fantastically non-racist. Or John Lewis? He's dedicated his whole entire life to civil rights. He's faced hate speech and fire hoses and racist idiots literally spitting in his face and he STILL puts up with white people. No but wait - an innocent baby would totally win, right?/See how stupid this discussion sounds?

Don't say these things. You sound stupid. And racist.