The Dig

A podcast about the politics of race, sexuality, class, and other things that matter.


Affirmative Action explained

Ethnicity vs Race 

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack by Peggy McIntosh




EXPERTS (people you should be following)

Michelle Alexander - scholar on issues around the prison industrial complex and particularly the mass incarceration of African Americans.

Brittney Cooper

Angela Davis

Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! - thorough, even-handed news journalism. Unbiased reporting on domestic and international current events. MUST LISTEN. 

bell hooks - American social activist, feminist, and author. 

Deray McKesson -  new/current grassroots activist, reporting from the frontlines.  See: Deray on Twitter

Tim Wise - a prolific anti-racist author and speaker. Follow him on social media for spot-on original content as well as links to other (occasionally lesser-known) figures. If Tim Wise endorses something, it's worth your time to at least check it out.




OTHER PODCASTS YOU WILL DIG (all free; some have paid premium channels as well)

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The Read - Kid Fury & Crissle, hilarious besties talk pop culture, black excellence, and current events. 

Throwing Shade - Absolutely ridiculous. More besties spilling tea, this time with more focus on issues surrounding gay and women's issues.